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Black Dog Head Halter
Black Dog Head Halter

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Black Dog Head Halter

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This Black Dog head halter (training halter) is an excellent aid to help prevent your dog pulling whilst you remain in control. It is also an ideal Head Halter for directional training, if your dog is one of those dog who likes to look around to find his next mischief making moment.

This Halter has been the Halter of choice for many years by Trainers. The dynamic design allows the halter to move as the dog does, which allows the nose strap to sit in the same position which means not only is your dog content wearing the halter but it gives you great control. The Black Dog Head Halter (training Halter) is particularly suited for shorted nosed breeds like Boxers and Rottweilers. Simple to fit which is great if your dog is bouncing around excited for the impending walk!

The cord it is made out of has a breaking strain of about 100kg, made specifically for these Black Dog Head Halters and is relatively narrow so the look and feel of the Training Halter is light and does not impinge upon the dog too much. With a secure fitting collar and lightweight nose strap, these Black Dog Head halters (Training Halters) are unique and highly effective.

Perfect for training, effective and kind to your dog at the same time.

Available in 4 sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large.


IMPORTANT When measuring the neck for size, measure high up behind the ears.

Mini fits neck 20-35cm (8 to 14 inches)
Small fits neck 27-37cm (10.5 to14.5 inches)
Medium fits neck 35-52cm (14 to 20.5 inches)
Large fits neck 43-68cm (16.9 to 26.75 inches)