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About FitDog

FitDog Finland Ltd is founded in January 2012. The mission of the company is to develop and produce high quality nutritional supplements for the wellbeing all dogs.

All our products are developed in Finland in collaboration with veterinary and food technology experts. Products are tested and manufactured in Finland.

Our current family of products include FitDog Energy & Rehydration Drink which is used for extra energy and rehydration before and during training and for rehydration in various situations (nursing of puppies, recovering from surgery, warm weather, travelling). For the recovery we have FitDog Recovery Potato product which is designed for post exercise recovery for dogs in different sports. Currently we are working on new products designed for the well-being of all dogs.

FitDog products for active dogs

Why does my dog need the FitDog products?

  • Dogs that train and compete actively can be regarded as athletes.
  • These dogs face a lot of physical stress in their daily lives
  • In order to succeed you need to ensure the performance and effective recovery of your dog. Also in some special situations the dog needs extra rehydration (old dogs, recovering from surgery, bitches with puppies).
  • Sport drinks for people and horses are not suitable for the use of dogs as the physiology of dogs is so different – for instance dogs are not sweating as people and horses
  • Dogs need products that are developed to their specific needs

Taking care of the rehydration level of the dog

  • The body temperature of a dog rises quickly
  • Dogs dehydrate at a much quicker rate than humans do, because they have sweat glands only on their nose and feet.
  • Exercise increases the need for rehydration
  • Warm weather increases the possibility for dehydration but it can occur also during winter time !
  • In general, dog needs 0,5-1dl/kg of water -> dog weighting 20 kilos needs 1 litre of water daily
  • Exercise and warm weather increases the need for water !
  • Already 3-4% of dehydration influences the physical performance of the dog
  • 7-8% of dehydration can be dangerous and needs medical treatment

Influence of physical stress on the need of energy

  • The approximate energy demand of the dog increases 10% after 1 hour of physical exercise
  • During long competition days in agility and for hunting , the energy demand can increase to double
  • For sleddogs the energy demand can increase to triple during
    long days
  • During long exercise, most of the energy intake comes from fat