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About Flower Remedies for Pets

Flower remedies or flower essences are designed to help treat emotional problems and work equally as well in animals as they do in humans. We all know how animals vary in their individual character. Some are timid whilst others are nervous, some may have certain phobias, seem anxious, irritable, touchy or even grumpy. Others are prone to becoming excitable or may start to develop dominance related behavioural problems. They can suffer from many of the same emotional problems as humans which may be expressed, ultimately, as illness or as changes in behaviour or personality.

Whilst conventional medicine can offer help in the way of behavioural advice, through the use of sedative or calming drugs and by installing anxiety reducing pheromone diffusers, it is possible to use the flower remedies to tackle many of the more common behavioural problems at a much deeper level. Flower remedies work gently and without side effects, rebalancing emotions and helping to restore a sense of well being.

At this present time no one knows for sure how the flower remedies work. What is known is that as energetic medicines they act in a similar way to homeopathic remedies. Each flower possesses a unique energy of a particular vibrational wavelength. With ill health or emotional disturbance the energy field which surrounds each living being becomes distorted and out of harmony resulting in a negative effect on the whole animal emotionally as well as physically. By carefully selecting the right flower remedies, it is possible to correct the distortion in the energy field and potentially return the animal to a state of health once more. The key to success is in selecting the right combination of flower remedies to restore the balance.

The flowers used in making the remedies or essences are gathered from unspoilt areas, where they can be found growing wild or from specially cultivated gardens. The flowers have to be picked when there is a cloudless sunny sky and at full maturity when the essential energies are concentrated, just before the flowers start to drop. The time between picking the flowers and preparation of the remedies is kept to a minimum so virtually no energy is lost. The whole process is essentially a harmonious form of natural alchemy, involving the elements: Earth, Air, Sun (or Fire) and finally Water which serves as the transfer vehicle.

Having gathered the flowers, they are then allowed to float on water, transferring their energy to the liquid. The resulting energised water is then used to produce stock solutions for medication by adding a few drops to alcohol. The normal dilution is 1:240 water to alcohol. The resulting stock bottles will keep indefinitely as the alcohol acts as a natural preservative.

The Bioforce range of Flower Essences is specifically made for pets and each contains a flower essence combination to address common problems.