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Health & wellbeing - dogs

Colimanor Superflex
Colimanor's own Joint Health Supplement for flexible, healthy joints
FitDog Nutritional Drinks
FitDog nutritional drinks are designed to boost recovery and to provide extra energy and rehydration.
VetSpec Professional
Canine supplements formulated to ensure that dogs have the additional nutritional support they need
Comfy Collar - Dog Recovery Collar
Comfy Collars are a pet-friendly and effective alternative to the traditional lampshade collars used by vets.
Aromatherapy for dogs
Aromatherapy is a system of medicine based on the use of essential oils which have soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial or anti-fungal properties.
Flower essences for dogs
Flower remedies work gently and without side effects, rebalancing emotions and helping to restore a sense of well being.
Herbal supplements for dogs
Herbal supplements provide an all-natural treatment for many ailments and conditions
Homeopathic Remedies for dogs
Homeopathic remedies provide an all-natural treatment for many ailments and conditions
NAF - Natural Animal Feeds
Researched and developed by world leading veterinary scientists, NAF canine supplements are formulated from complex combinations of natural ingredients.
Natural VetCare Dog Supplements
Natural VetCare, the new name in premium veterinary strength nutritional support for dog health

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