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The Clam Dog Treat Training Aid
The Clam Dog Treat Training Aid The Clam Dog Treat Training Aid The Clam Dog Treat Training Aid

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The Clam Dog Treat Training Aid

The Clam is a clever, pocket-sized toy that hides between its two shells a beautiful pearl (aka a doggy’s treat!). It’s perfect for rewarding your dog from a distance, such as when teaching jump grids in agility or practising flyball. It’s even easy to throw so you can keep it out of sight until you need it, and then launch it to where it needs to go.

Your dog will absolutely love racing to it or chasing after it. And when they get there…. well, that’s when the real magic happens. 

They don’t have to wait for you to catch up or come over to treat them. They can get it themselves by simply pushing their noses into the small opening to reach the pearl inside.

Here’s a quick rundown of why The Clam is so special:

  • Small & compact (but with the right weight for throwing)

  • Clever opening that’s just big enough for your dog to get their treat but too small for the treat to fall out when you throw it

  • Designed in blue – a colour dogs can see very well

  • Ensures your dog is only swallowing the food you want him to and not all the dirt and who-knows-what-else that’s on the training room floor

  • Reduces training frustration and maximise results by using a toy that’s designed with your dog’s needs in mind

  • Improves your relationship with your dog by rewarding him in the way he finds rewarding… food!