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Training DVD - From Pup To Perfection

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Training DVD - From Pup To Perfection

Do you want to understand play work, specific toy skills, recall, lifeskills, distraction training, drive and motivation?

Well look no further, this DVD covers it all. Puppies and rescue dogs alike all develop at different stages; this step by step guide using new concepts, along with tried and trusted methods, will allow you to take your time at each and every stage of development, helping you to work it through with confidence, innovation and creativity – all in the comfort and safety of your own home.

This DVD is the Perfect Guide in raising a confident, focused and motivated family pet and future sports star.

This DVD is produced and edited by the Devon Dogs Team and features well-known trainer Lauren Langman, who teaches agility seminars across the UK and all over the world. Lauren has a passion for both dogs and education, coupled with a detailed understanding of canine behaviour and how dogs learn, making this a unqiue blend of dog training and innovative creativity for you - your dog will thank you for adding this DVD to enrich your dog training experience and education!